1908 Singer Sewing Machine Model 28K Vintage Lamp

1908 Singer Sewing Machine Model 28K Vintage Lamp

This 1908 Singer sewing machine was found in pretty bad shape, but we knew that we could rescue it and turn it into something fabulous.

After many hours working on it and a few sleepless nights, she came back to life, restored and repurposed, to literally shine bright in your living room!

“Amy” is a truly one-of-a-kind steampunk vintage handmade lamp.

We really felt like paying a tribute to those who more than a century ago engineered such an iconic machine, built to last forever, so we decided we had to find a way to switch on the lamp using the manual crank, in the same exact way you would turn it if you were sewing....

And we did it!!

Are you looking for something really special and unique to complement your home, office, shop, restaurant or for a photo shoot?

Are you still struggling to come up with the perfect wedding gift idea, the one no one else has thought of?

Look no further, you have found “the one”!

The lamp is equipped with a vintage style metal lamp holder with E27 slot.

We find that led filament light bulbs with a retro look make the lamp look at its best, so we are sending you 2 brand new ones with your purchase.

To complement the vintage theme, we have used a golden braided 3 core cable, which runs from the front of the machine through the wooden base and comes out at the back of it, gracefully inserted into brass knurled nipples, to end with a 3amp fused transparent UK plug.


Following its 113 years of life and usage, the vintage Singer sewing machine has several imperfections on the paint and a couple of pieces missing from the wooden box. We made the decision not to fix the imperfections in order to show the history of the piece.


The beautiful unique lamp was refurbished and made in our studio in London.


All the parts to make the lamp other than the sewing machine and its wooden stand are brand new.