Relight My Fire Handmade lamp with bulb

Relight My Fire Handmade lamp with bulb

"Relight My Fire" Handmade lamp with bulb


This table-side lamp creates beautiful warm light, perfect for mood lighting in bedrooms, hallways, man cave, office or stylish living rooms. Ideal as a present for birthdays, weddings, Christmas or other special occasions.


The 1920's blow torch was refurbished and polished but still keeping some of the signs of the century long usage. The torch has a dent which we kept as it gives it character.


The lamp comes with double insulated lamp holder and a tubular E14 led filament light bulb, warm light, equivalent of 40W .


It includes safety features such as an isolator fitted at the bottom of the lamp holder (which has been modified in order to slot & lock inside the original piping of the torch), a cord grip which prevents the cable to be pulled out unintentionally and a 3amp fused plug.


It is complemented by a vintage style 2 core braided cable and a modern slimline bullet shaped transparent switch.


The beautiful unique lamp is handmade in our studio in London.


All the parts to make the lamp other than the blow torch itself are brand new.